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Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) outlines how we will consult with the people of South Norfolk and other stakeholders on major planning issues. This includes consultations on the documents that make up the Local Plan and on dealing with planning applications. We must comply with the SCI in preparing any Local Plan document or when determining a planning application. The SCI was adopted in 2017 and was updated in June 2019 to reflect updates to national legislation.

Following the issuing of Government guidance on local authority plan-making and related consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic, we made a further, minor amendment to the document in September 2020, following public and stakeholder consultation.

We have also published a temporary update which sets out alternative measures for consulting on Local Plan documents and making consultation documents available to the public during the pandemic.

A copy of both the SCI and the temporary update are available in the downloads section below.