South Norfolk Council offers amnesty for landlords

Following a change to legislation that came into effect on 1 October South Norfolk Council is offering an amnesty to landlords with houses in multiple occupancy, who have not yet applied for a licence.

A House in Multiple Occupation is a house where there are five or more occupants from more than one household, who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet. Many people share a house to keep their living costs down but there is a risk that houses in multiple occupation can be overcrowded and even dangerous.

A Landlord owning houses in multiple occupation is already required to have a licence but on 1 October new national legislation broadening the definition of “high risk” resulted in an increase in the number of landlords needing a licence. These changes had been publicised and not to have applied for a licence by the 1 October became an offence with a penalty of up to £30,000.
There could be as many as 100 houses in South Norfolk where the landlord now requires a licence but has not yet applied and as a consequence is at risk of a financial penalty.

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member, Lisa Neal said:
“We are committed to working with landlords to raise property standards and protect residents. We have so many good landlords in South Norfolk who provide an excellent service and we want to work with to make sure that they comply with the new legislation.”

To encourage Landlords who have not yet applied for a licence to come forward South Norfolk Council is offering a period of amnesty until the 30 November 2018. After this date, the Council will consider formal action and the imposition of civil penalties for the owners of unlicensed properties.

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