Homeless frequently asked questions | South Norfolk Council
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Homeless frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for assistance?

If you are not a UK resident or subject to immigration control you might not be entitled to help with housing. The law is complicated and you should ask us for advice.

Who can we help with housing?

We will aim to help anyone who approaches us for advice about their housing. However, we are only duty-bound if you are homeless, vulnerable, have not made yourself homeless and you have a local connection to South Norfolk. In some circumstances, temporary or emergency accommodation may be provided while this is investigated.

Do I have a local connection with South Norfolk?

You may have a local connection with South Norfolk if you:

  • Have lived in South Norfolk for at least six out of the last twelve months or three out of the last five years
  • Are employed in South Norfolk
  • Have close contact with relatives, such as parents, adult children, brothers or sisters, who have lived in South Norfolk for at least five years
  • Have a special reason for needing to live in South Norfolk.

If you do not have a local connection with South Norfolk and you do have a connection with another area, we can ask the council there to help you.

These connections are different to those used in assessing local connection for South Norfolk Home Options.