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Review of Polling Districts, Polling Places and Polling Stations 2019

Review details

We are conducting a review of polling districts, polling places and polling stations within the district.

The previous review was undertaken in 2018 and implemented for the May 2019 elections. Information obtained at these polls from electors, polling station staff and parishes etc has been used to review the current arrangements and compile a report which includes the Acting Returning Officers comments and proposals on polling stations.

Details of the current and proposed polling districts, places and stations can be found on this polling places spread sheet.

An interactive map of the current and proposed arrangements can be found on our polling stations map this should be read in conjunction with the report above.

The Electoral Commission Guidance may be found on the Electoral Commission webstite polling station review page

The Council welcomes views or comments from electors and any persons with expertise in access to premises or facilities for persons with any type of disability. Representations will be sought from the local political parties, district members, county councillors and parish councils. Comments may relate to existing or proposed arrangements, representations where possible should offer suggestions to alternative places that may be used.

Representations and proposals are sought from all interested parties between 27 June and 31 July 2019.

Please send your response by email to 

or in writing to 

Electoral Services Team
South Norfolk Council
Cygnet Court
Long Stratton
NR15 2XE

The representations will be considered by the Electoral Arrangements Review Committee at 10 am on 4 September 2019.  Recommendations will be implemented as soon as possible after the meeting.  

Agenda for the Electoral Arrangemnts Committee