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Budget Consultation 2020/21

We are in the the process of setting our budget for 2020/21 and we value your views on our priorities.

The Council is on target to achieve one of its main objectives which is the collaborative work with Broadland District Council. 

The main sources of income for Local Authorities, including South Norfolk Council, come from council tax, business rates and the income from chargeable services.

With reduced funding from central government and based on current projections, the Council will have to make significant savings or find alternative ways of generating income over the 5-year period from 2020/21.

Our finances are finely balanced and a 1% increase in Council Tax contributes around £74,000 towards an expenditure budget of £33 million, which covers around 86 different services including housing, benefits administration, homelessness prevention, refuse collection, early help, leisure, planning and many more.

To have your say, please follow this link to the Budget Consultation 2020/21.