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Community grants

We have several opportunities for funding within our local communities. Take a look below to see how you can apply.

There will be some community initiatives which will require larger amounts of funding and to support this, the Community Action Fund (CAF) is in place. Local District Councillors are responsible for receiving, considering and proposing applications for funding from the fund of between £1,000 and £15,000.

Applications will be considered by a CAF Panel; who will meet up to two times per year to consider requests for CAF applications, but may allocate the full budget at the first.  

Please contact your local district councillor, who will make an application for funding on your behalf.

Your local Councillor can be found here.

For members: should you have any queries about the process of the community action awards please contact the Democratic Services team.

If you would like help about identifying community groups or advice on supporting groups please contact the Communities team.

For information about what can be funded please look at the ground rules.

Please read the ground rules before applying for funding.

Community Action Fund Application Form (Members only)

Please note: 

The CAF Panel met on 31 May 2018 and the recommendations and decisions from that meeting can be found here.   

The recommendations and decisions from the meeting held on 13 July 2017 can be found here.   

The total CAF funding for the financial year 2018/19 has now been allocated.

If you are passionate about an activity, project or interest, then we want to hear from you. There is up to £300 waiting to help you get your idea up and running in your local community. 

What is a Go For It Grant?

The grants give funding for not-for-profit projects that bring communities together and encourage people to take part.  All you have to do is complete an application and show us how you plan to do it. 

What will Go For It Grants support?

Applications will be considered from projects that:

  • Encourage residents to come together in positive and supportive ways
  • Inspire people to get active, participate and fulfil their potential
  • Promote and support health and well-being in the community
  • Provide innovative activities that respond to local needs.

What can a Go For It Grant be spent on?

Grant money can be spent on anything you need to get your idea off the ground, and could include, equipment purchase/hire, venue hire, promotional materials, transport etc. You will need to research the costs of your project accurately to apply, and not simply provide general estimates.

Who can apply?

Grants are available to both informal groups of residents (at least three people) and 'formally constituted voluntary groups'. Applicants must be South Norfolk residents or voluntary groups that are able to meet the following criteria:

  • Operate within South Norfolk area on a not-for-profit basis
  • Can provide a clear statement of aims and objectives
  • Can show their ability to manage and deliver the project or activity
  • Can show how they will manage their finances and keep good financial records
  • Accept the principle of equal opportunities and can demonstrate their commitment to inclusiveness within their project.

You don't need to be over 18 to apply. Groups of young people can to apply too.

Go For It Grants cannot support:

  • Retrospective funding (activities that have already happened)
  • Activities that duplicate what is already provided or commissioned by the Council, unless demand cannot be met
  • Social excursions outside Norfolk
  • Paid staff costs
  • Any overseas activity
  • Activities restricted solely to any group's existing membership
  • Political or religious activities
  • Organisational or running costs not directly related to the specific project activities.

How to apply

To apply for a grant, all you need to do is complete a Go for it Grants application form and return by email. Alternatively post it to the Community Capacity Team, Go for it Grants, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE.

If you need any help or have any questions, please complete our online enquiry form or call our helpful team on 01508 533747.

Since the BT “Adopt a Kiosk” programme was launched, more than 3,500 communities across the UK have jumped at the chance to turn an iconic empty red box into a unique community space.  Innovative individuals, businesses and community groups have transformed boxes into miniature art galleries, libraries, coffee shops, pop-up plant shops, or used to save lives through installing much needed defibrillators.  The rejuvenation of the boxes create a real buzz; bringing a real sense of community and joy to towns and villages.

We are supporting the initiative by launching our ‘Adapt a Kiosk’.  There will be a limited number of £100 awards available for boxes that have already been taken on by community groups; to assist with the refurbishment into something new which will be used by, and benefit to the community. 

Once you have adopted a kiosk, you can apply for an 'Adapt a Kiosk' fund. To do this you need to download the application form below and send back to us at

Adapt a Kiosk Fund Application Form

Fund criteria

Projects must be innovative, benefit and enhance the community of South Norfolk
Maximum fund award is £100.00
Fund monies awarded must be spent within 12 months
Funds are not awarded retrospectively
Photographs of the revamped kiosk are requested for publicity purposes
Fund plaques will be issued to be displayed in the adapted phone box    

Applications must be received by 5pm on Monday 31 December 2018.  Any applications received after this date will not be considered.        

If you’re interested in adopting a phone box for £1, kick-off the process with an email to

South Norfolk Council are proud to be supporting the INN CROWD, a partnership project from Applause and Creative Arts East. 

Funding of up to £100 is available to community led Beer Festivals across South Norfolk who wish to host an INN CROWD performance.  

This funding will be paid directly to the performance provider.  

Any beer festival led by the local community can apply for the fund.  

Please ensure the criteria below is read and understood before applying for the grant.  

Beer Festival fund application form

Beer Festival Criteria 

Performances available from INN CROWD

Please contact Creative Arts East to find out what performance will be best for your event.  

Table tennis is a great way to bring people together, it’s fun, physical and suitable for all ages and abilities.

It is a low intensity activity that has a positive impact on both physical and mental well being.

If you would like to set up a group near you to play table tennis, we are offering grants of up to £100 which can be used towards the cost of a Ping! package.

The Ping! package includes:

  • an indoor table tennis table 
  • 10 bats 
  • 72 balls
  • resources to help advertise and activate the table – such as posters, games ideas and competition formats.

The total cost of this package is £200.

Successful applicants will need to meet the funding criteria which can be found here.

How to apply

To apply for a grant, all you need to do is complete a Ping! in the Community grant application form and return by email to

Alternatively post it to:

Communities Team, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE.

If you need any help or have any questions please email or call us on 01508 533816


If you have any questions, please call us on 01508 533642 or 01508 533945 or complete our online enquiry form