Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a discount you can apply for if you are on a low income and liable to pay Council Tax. Whether you own the property or you're a tenant, Council Tax Support is available for a property you are living in to help make your bills more affordable. You can't usually receive benefits if:

  • You have savings of over £16,000, unless you have reached the qualifying age for State Pension Credit and are getting the 'guarantee credit' of pension credit
  • You live in the home of a close relative
  • You're a full time student (unless you are disabled or have children)
  • You're an asylum seeker or are sponsored to be in the UK.

On 1 April 2013, the Government abolished the national Council Tax Benefit. Since then we have been operating a local Council Tax Support scheme and each year we set the Council Tax Support scheme for the year ahead.

You can get an estimate of the Council Tax Support you could get by using our online calculator. This will also estimate your entitlement to other benefits and tax credits. 

Benefit Calculator

If you would like to make a claim for Council Tax Support , please complete the benefit calculator first to estimate you qualify. Please record your benefit calculation reference number as you will need to record this on your application form.

If you do qualify please complete the Council Tax Support Application Form and return with your supporting evidence by email or by post to Benefits Team, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE.

You should contact us straight away to make a claim, as this will normally determine the date your benefits will start. Benefit claims may be backdated if there is good reason, find out more about backdating benefit.

Our Council Tax Support Scheme for 2019/20 remains the same as the previous year

The notable aspects of the scheme (on which we consulted previously) are:

  • That it is a means tested scheme
  • That the scheme is largely based on how Council Tax Benefit was assessed prior to April 2013
  • That pensioners and single parents with a child under five years of age will be protected at the level of support they would have received from Council Tax Benefit
  • Enhanced temporary protection for the first 13 weeks that an applicant finds themselves out of work (where they have not claimed in the previous 12 months)
  • Level of support capped at the level of Council Tax valuation band D
  • Support for working age capped at a maximum of 85% of their full Council Tax liability
  • Standard flat rate deduction for adult non-dependents (aged over 18 years and residing with the applicant) on working age claims at £5 per week, per adult regardless of their income
  • Further reduction in support to those in receipt of passported* benefits of working age of 15% (this operates in addition to the 85% cap)
  • Treating maintenance payments as income
  • Treating those who are self employed as earning at least the national minimum wage
  • Those residents on passported* out of work benefits who also receive Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will not be subject to the 15% reduction in support level applicable to those on passported benefits
  • We will be able to exercise our discretion to backdate awards where deemed appropriate, taking into account the individual circumstances of the case.

*When we refer to 'passported' benefits we are referring to any of the following: Jobseekers Allowance (Income Based), Income Support, Employment Support Allowance (Income Related).

Council Tax Support Scheme 2020/21

The amount of benefit you may receive depends on:

  • Who lives with you
  • Where you live
  • The money you and your partner or civil partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits, and occupational pensions
  • Your savings, and your partner's or civil partner's savings
  • Your circumstances, such as your age, the size of your family and their ages, if you or any of your family are disabled, and if anyone who lives with you could help with the Council Tax - non-dependents
  • If you work and have child care charges to pay.

Council Tax Support is paid directly to your Council Tax account and a revised Council Tax bill will be sent to you.