Local Land Charges Search

Please be aware the online Public Access Land Charges system will be offline from 3.30pm on Tuesday 18 July until Wednesday 19 July due to an upgrade. If you have a search that you urgently need to submit then please use one of the following methods:
Email: landcharges@s-norfolk.gov.uk 

Website:  National Land Charge Information Service (NLIS) 

A Local Land Charges Search is a service for people buying or remortgaging property and land who want to find out information that may affect it.

Our new online system, Public Access Land Charges (PALC) can be used by you or your solicitor to apply for LLC1, CON29O, CON29 and personal searches. For further information read our simple PALC user guide.

To enable us to deal with your search request efficiently, please provide an up to date ordnance survey map extract clearly outlining the search site in red.

From 1 January 2017 VAT will be charged on the CON29 part of the Local Charge Search




CON29 - Part 1 Enquires (one parcel of land) 

£171.60 (inc VAT)

LLC1 Official Search Certificate

£27 (no VAT)

Total fee for whole register and Part 1

£198.60 (inc VAT)

Full fee details can be downloaded below

Personal search

If you would like to do your own personal search this is free of charge and is an inspection of  the local land charges register. Please use the PALC system to do this.

Free basic search

We also offer a free basic search service and we aim to reply within 20 working days.

Request a free basic search

National Land Information Service

Your solicitor can still do your Land Searches online using the National Land Charge Information Service (NLIS).