Keep recycling clean and loose in South Norfolk

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Originally released on 25/07/2017

Residents in South Norfolk are now able to recycle more items than ever before. The Council would like to thank its residents for taking the time to ensure that the items put in their recycling bins are clean and loose – not in a bag.

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member, Kay Mason Billig said “It might sound strange for us to ask our residents to rinse things that they’re putting in their bins but if the items are not clean they can’t be recycled. If they're covered in food it might mean that everything in that bin and possibly even the lorry will be contaminated and the whole load will then have to be disposed of as general waste.

“It is important that we prevent as much material as possible from being sent to landfill and that is why we ask our residents to take a few seconds to rinse their recycling.”

Just as there are items that the Council asks residents not to put in their recycling bins, there are also items that you are asked not to put in your rubbish bins. These include hot ash, batteries, sharps, including needles, chemicals, oils and paints, fluorescent tubes and gas bottles.

These can all be taken to centres around the district and shops selling batteries will also dispose of the old ones for you.

You can find a list of items that can be put in your bins, including your garden waste bin on South Norfolk Council’s website. Just visit