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Requests for information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 anyone can request recorded information from us provided it is not already published in our Publication Scheme. The Publication Scheme details the information that we hold, the way we intend to publish this and whether a charge will be made for requested information.

You can also request information about yourself - this is called a Subject Access Request under GDPR. 

What to do next

To make a request for information please fill in the online enquiry form or write to the Senior Governance Officer, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE. You should clearly outline the information you would like, providing a return address, which can be an email address. You do not need to say why you are requesting the information.

Please be aware:

  • A fee may be payable to cover the costs of printing or photocopying the information you request. We will inform you if a fee is due and you will need to pay the fee before we can process your request. In most cases you will not be asked to pay a fee
  • In some cases we may be unable to provide you with the information for legal reasons. If this applies we will explain why
  • You may be able to find the information you need on our website. We are committed to being transparent and open and we want you to be able to access information easily and quickly, without the need to submit a request. To help you do this, we have provided information and links to pages that contain information that is frequently requested. This information is also published in line with the Local Government Transparency Code.

Frequently requested information


Total number of staff who are Union Representatives: 17 (13.5 FTE) –

  • Trade Unions represented: UNISON for full consultation purposes and ALACE  
  • Percentage of pay bill spent on facility time: 0.10%

The UNISON branches for South Norfolk and Broadland joined on the 1 January 2019 to become the Yare Valley Branch. 

During the financial year a significant amount of time was spent supporting a whole organisation restructure, in addition to agreeing revised terms and conditions to create a full One Team Structure to support the two Councils. During this period two representatives spent 90% of their time on facility work and were funded by the organisation. From January 2020 this has reduced to a 50% funded role.

Since 1 April 2015 all potential Housing Benefit fraud issues have been referred to the DWP’s Single Fraud Investigation Service (SFIS) who have assumed sole responsibility for all investigative matters, which is reflected in the figures shown below. The DWP does not report to South Norfolk Council outcomes or financial results of cases.

South Norfolk Council maintains an officer, who is the single point of contact with SFIS and for the investigation of corporate fraud prevention and investigation, as well as other duties within the authority.

This information covers the period 1st January 2018 - 31st October 2019.

  • Number of occasions we use powers under the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud (Power to Require Information) (England) Regulations 2014, or similar powers: 0 requests for information from employers, banks and utility companies.
  • Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of employees undertaking investigations and prosecutions of fraud: 0
  • Total number (absolute and full time equivalent) of professionally accredited counter fraud specialists: 0
  • Total amount spent by the authority on the investigation and prosecution of fraud: £3,330 (anti- fraud memberships and fees).

The total number of fraud cases investigated, referred and amounts identified are shown below.

Month Fraud cases referred
January 2018 2
February 9
March 9
April 7
May 8
June 1
July 2
August 1
September 10
October 5
November 4
December 1
January 2019 0
February 0
March 3
April 1
May 1
June 5
July 11
August 3
September 0
October 9
January 2020  




The information we have provided is in accordance with the licensing arrangements set out in the Open Government License.