Wymondham Leisure Centre Café

Visit our cafe for a wide range of drinks, snacks and light meals, children's meals and sandwiches. We also offer a range of pasta meals, jacket potatoes and homemade and gluten free cakes. Everything is available to eat in or take away. You don't have to be a member - everyone is welcome! 

Work out supplements

The café is also an official stockist for USN exercise supplements providing a wide selection of pre and post workout consumables and our staff are happy to recommend the correct supplement for your individual requirements. We offer a range of grab and go options as well as  shakes freshly blended to order.

Food packages

We are able to offer food packages for meetings, children's parties and Kids Camp lunches. To find out more about our food packages contact Wymondham Leisure Centre by email or call 01953 607171.

Opening times

Monday - Friday: 08:00 to 20:00   |   Saturday: 08:00 to 20:00   |   Sunday: 08:00 to 17:00

Soft drinks

Tropicana smooth: £1.50
Bottle Green: £1.50
Still or sparkling water: £1.30
Coke/Diet Coke: £1.30
Fanta: £1.30
Fruit shoot: £1.30
7UP: £1.30
Orange or blackcurrant squash: £0.50


Banana and strawberry: £2.00
Kale, mango and spinach: £2.00


Espresso: £1.50
Flat white: £2.00
Americano: £2.00
Latte: £2.00
Cappuccino: £2.00
Mocha: £2.00
Hot chocolate: £2.00
Baby Chino: £1.00


Tea: £1.50
Decaf tea: £1.50
Green tea: £1.50
Super fruits: £1.50
Mint tea: £1.50
Earl grey: £1.50
Tea for 2: £2.50

Tea cake: £1.00
Bagel served with scrambled egg and cress: £2.30
Homemade sausage rolls: £1.20
Bacon roll: £2.00
Toast: £1.00
Beans, Cheese or spaghetti hoops on toast: £2.00
Fruit: £0.40
Selection of cereals: £1.20
Granola and yoghurt: £1.50
Porridge: £1.20
Gluten free pancakes with golden syrup: £1.50
Crumpet stack with butter: £1.20
Crumpet stack with melted cheese: £1.50

Jacket potatoes

Cheese: £3.50
Cheese and beans: £3.75
Tuna mayo/sweetcorn: £4.00
Chilli & Cheese £4.30


Egg mayo and cress: £3.50
Cheese with Tomato or chutney: £3.50
Tuna mayo or sweetcorn £3.50
Ham salad: £3.50
Bacon: £3.50
Chicken salad: £4.00

(All sandwiches/baguettes come with a choice of white, wholemeal or gluten free bread)


Tuna melt: £3.70
Cheese and ham: £3.70
Sun dried tomato, pesto and cheese: £3.70
Bacon and brie: £3.90

All sandwiches, paninis, baguettes and jacket potatoes come with a small side salad. 


Tuna and sweetcorn: £4.50
Chicken and pesto: £4.50
Seasonal Pasta: £4.50

All Pasta served with a side salad

If you have any queries relating to allergies, please ask at the till. 

Lunch bag - half sandwich, fruit, crisp and drink: £3.00
Meatballs and pasta: £2.90
Mac 'n' cheese: £2.10
1/2 Jacket potato with cheese, tuna and beans: £2.00

Selection of cookies, muffins and gluten free options available
Homemade fruit scones £1.50
Cheese scones: £1.20
Homemade cakes: £1.50

Freshly made shake: £2.00* available in any of the powders we stock
Protein delight bars: £2.00
Protein whey wafers: £1.25