South Norfolk Council, taking the sting out of summer

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Originally released on 02/08/2017

If you are having a problem with uninvited guests this summer the Pest Control Team at South Norfolk Council provide an expert service for both domestic and commercial premises.

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member Kay Mason Billig said. “At this time of year people can often have problems with a variety of pests. The team at South Norfolk Council can help you get rid of wasps, rats, mice and even fleas. You can book online and when the team arrive they will assess your problem and carry out the appropriate course of action. They will also give you advice on protecting your home or business against future infestations.”

To make sure that the treatment is as effective as possible before the team arrives we will ask you to do a few simple things.
For wasps, we will ask you to locate the wasp’s nest. For rats, we want the rodents to find the poison we put down more attractive than anything else. Therefore, to make your treatment successful you should make sure there are no other sources of food to distract them. If you have been feeding birds it is wise to stop while the treatment is carried out and do not leave animal food down on the ground.

For fleas, before we carry out the treatment, we ask that you treat all pets, wash their bedding and thoroughly vacuum the household including all soft furnishings. The property will need to be vacated for at least three hours after treatment. We then recommend that you vacuum the house after five days. Complete control of the infestation may take several weeks. The Pest Control Officer will give further advice on the day of the treatment.

You can book a visit from the pest control team by visiting