South Norfolk Council run car parks remain free for first hour

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Originally released on 18/07/2017

Motorists wishing to park in South Norfolk Council run car parks will no longer have to hunt for change following the introduction of a new system that lets you pay for parking with your credit or debit card or via your mobile phone.

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member, Lee Hornby said. “The first hour is free in all car parks managed by South Norfolk Council to encourage a rapid turnover of the spaces closest to the shops, as all day parking in the best spaces doesn’t help the businesses in our market towns.

“We have installed new, state of the art machines offering visitors modern payment options and have introduced a choice of short and long stay car parks. This means that spaces nearer the shops will be used by customers, while business owners and their staff will be able to use the long stay option, with big discounts for essential users and residents who do not have their own parking.”

“You can still pay for parking in the conventional way, but card and mobile payment is being introduced alongside cash payments as an added service. This has a number of benefits, including the ability to extend your stay, within the allowed time limit, without having to return to your vehicle.”

The new machines that have been installed in South Norfolk Council’s car parks will accept coins, credit or debit card payments, pay by phone (RingGo) or there is a new Check-in, Check-out option.
Drivers check-in by tapping their credit card on the terminal, they then key in their car’s registration number and when they return, by tapping the terminal with their card they only pay for the exact time used. This will remove the worry if your visit takes longer than expected.

Another payment option is RingGo, a quick, easy-to-use mobile phone service that allows users to pay for parking by credit or debit card, rather than with cash. People choosing the RingGo option can pay for parking online, via text message or by calling a standard rate telephone number that will be displayed on signs.

Once registered, RingGo can issue text reminders to notify you 10 minutes before your parking is due to run out – giving you time to return to your car or extend your stay to the maximum period allowed in that parking place.

Councillor Horby added. “The Council does not make a profit from car parks and the introduction of a short and long stay option is the first change in parking charges in ten years. It’s important that the cost of maintaining car parks should fall on the motorist rather than our other residents, a pensioner for example, who does not drive.”

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