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South Norfolk businesses share more than £25 million in grants to support them through the Covid-19

More than £25million in grants has been distributed by South Norfolk Council to local businesses and other organisations to support them through the Covid-19 crisis.

The Council is able to distribute the grants, to those eligible, through funding from the Government. To date almost 2,500 businesses and other organisations have qualified for the grants and received the money from the Council.

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member, Lisa Neal said: “Providing these grants to those organisations and businesses who are eligible is vital to ensure that we have a thriving local economy after the crisis is over. Our local businesses don’t simply provide goods and services, they are part of who we are as a district. We are a community and we are working together to get through this and look forward to better times for everyone.”

Among those who have benefited in South Norfolk is the family run furniture and homeware shop Skincense in Diss. The shop sells a range of products from handmade soaps to mirrors, garden furniture to candlestick holders and scarves.

The business is run by Jonathan and Claire Taylor. They had taken over the shop in February 2019 and had to close in March this year when the government introduced lockdown measures. The business received £10,000 in grant funding.

Mr Taylor said: “ I really want to thank the team at South Norfolk Council for all their help during this time. Although the shop was shut we still had to find money for the rent and for the bills such as electricity and other business expenses.

“The grant they gave us was a lifeline. It has enabled us to get through the past couple of months and will get us through the next couple of months.”

The shop is now opening for limited hours with social distancing measures in place.

Businesses can still apply for grant funding by contacting South Norfolk Council at