National assistance funerals

Where there are no relatives willing or able to make funeral arrangements, then we may be able to help under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

View our Register of funeral arrangements made under section 46 of the Public Health Act (Control of Disease) Act 1984.

We normally act on written instructions received from the local Coroner’s Office. In some instances, managers of residential homes and sheltered accommodation advise when a death has occurred, and as far as they know there are no relatives willing or able to make the funeral arrangements. When a person dies in hospital the Health Authority may assist with making the funeral arrangements. Where details of family and friends are found, these persons will be informed of the death and invited to make the funeral arrangements.

The funeral is arranged through a local funeral director and would normally involve a burial. We aim to comply with the requirements of the above Act in a sympathetic manner, making all the appropriate funeral arrangements. Where possible, we will recover expenses from the deceased person’s estate to limit the costs to our residents. Please note the information below where a funeral is taking place under instruction from this Authority: 

  • Under no circumstances are balloon releases allowed on both Earlham and the Rosary Cemetery grounds.
  • Memorials, marker crosses,  fencing around the grave,shrubs and potted plants are also not permitted on common graves and will be removed by the cemetery department.
  • There will be no minister in attendance on the day
  • No facilities to play music or hymns
  • The family are permitted to stay behind once the funeral director and bearers leave if they wish to pay their respects.

If you need to contact an Officer in respect of funeral arrangements please email