Help Hub Bulletin

The Help Hub bulletin aims to promote what’s happening and what’s available within South Norfolk and its surrounding areas. It is produced every two weeks and features a wide variety of information appropriate for both residents and professionals, including:

  • Details of new or existing clubs and groups
  • General service information and updates
  • Training or volunteering opportunities
  • Grants / funding opportunities
  • Information on local conferences and events

The front page of the bulletin contains hyperlinks, so you can click on the headings which you feel are most relevant and jump directly to the content.

If you would like to subscribe to our email distribution list, please email us at If you would like anything to be included in the next bulletin, please forward your email / item to the same email address. We accept information in any format, however we prefer a picture format such as a PNG or JPG. We ask that you limit your information to no more than two A4 pages.

Please note the bulletin has an emphasis on providing information which can support families to reduce or handle their specific needs. It is not our intention to include any information that benefits commercial businesses.