What can't I put in my black rubbish bin?

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  • Garden waste
  • DIY waste
  • Liquid paint, oils, fertilizers
  • Large items such as furniture
  • Hot ash or loose ash (please wrap up)
  • Recyclables
  • Sharps such as needles
  • Fluorescent tubes/gas bottles

DIY materials

You can take DIY materials to your local Norfolk County Council recycling centres. Find out where your nearest recycling centre is located.

Electrical items

You can take electrical items to your local Norfolk County Council recycling centres or our Reuse and Recycling events free of charge.

Hazardous and clinical waste

Examples of hazardous waste include asbestos, bug spray, chemicals, garden weed killer, solvents, tins of paint, items which contain gas such as fridges. Find out how to dispose of hazardous waste.

We provide a collection service for clinical waste, find out more.


You should not put items in your black rubbish bin that can be recycled. Find out what you can put in your green recycling bin.

Garden waste

Your garden waste can be:

Commercial waste

You must not put waste which comes from a business in the household rubbish bin. We offer a specialist commercial waste collection service.