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Garden waste

We offer a garden waste service, supplying you with a brown garden waste bin which will be collected every two weeks (except over Christmas). All material collected is locally composted.

The cost is £47.50 a year for each brown bin paid by Direct Debit. For other payment methods, the yearly cost is £53 for each brown bin.

From the 1 April 2019, the cost will be £49 a year for each brown bin paid by Direct Debit.  For other payments methods, the yearly cost is  £55 for each brown bin. 

If you pay for your bin before April 2019, the bin costs will be calculated at 13 months (March 2019 figure + April 2019 Annual figure)

Form example: Mrs Smith orders a garden waste bin via direct debit between 16 February 2019 and 15 March 2019 for the year the total cost is £52.96 , via other payment methods is £59.42.  

You can order as many brown garden waste bins as you like. Before you sign up please read our garden waste service terms and conditions.

When will your brown garden waste bin be collected?

The day we empty your brown bin may have changed, you can find out more about the changes here. All garden waste customers have been sent a letter and calendar letting you know your collection day.

You can also register or login to My Account to check your next collection day

Let us know if you are moving address

If you have signed up to our garden waste service and are moving house please let us know as soon as you can using the link below. If you move house within the South Norfolk area, please take your garden waste bin with you and inform us of your move so we can continue your service at your new address. If you are moving out of South Norfolk, please let us know so we can cancel your garden waste service.

What can you put in your brown garden waste bin?