Assisted bin collections

COVID-19: due to restrictions, we are planning to extend our assisted service to include our most vulnerable residents who have received a letter from central government advising that they must not touch their bins and there is no other person in the household who can help. This will be a temporary service to these customers.

We offer an assisted bin collection service to people who have difficulty putting their bins out for collection at the edge of their property.

Who can apply for an assisted bin collection

The service is only available to people when one or more of the following applies:

  • You are registered disabled
  • You are elderly and infirm
  • You have a physical medical condition that means you are unable to move your waste.

To qualify for the service you must not have any able-bodied persons living in the property with you. Every two years we will ask you to renew the service. You can renew the service by filling out our assisted collection renewal form

To apply for this service, please complete an assisted bin collection request.