Street naming and house numbering

We are responsible for:

  • Officially naming new streets
  • Allocating official property numbers to all new properties
  • Renumbering existing properties
  • Renaming streets
  • Making sure Royal Mail are told about new or amended property addresses, so they can assign postcodes
  • Making sure the Emergency Services are told about all new and amended property addresses
  • The repair and maintenance of street nameplates. Report a problem to us.  

Street Naming and Numbering Policy

Please refer to the Street naming and numbering Policy that we will use in performing the street naming and numbering functions.

Renaming or adding a name to an existing property

Change your property name or add a name to an existing numbered property by completing the adding or renaming application form. Please return this form by email.

Please note that once a property has been allocated a number, a name cannot be used instead of that number. It is permissible to use a name alongside the number, but the official address will only use the number.

Street names and numbering for new properties

If you have new properties that you have planning permission to build or have started to build, only South Norfolk Council has the authority to create official addresses. Part of this process will involve contacting Royal Mail for postcode allocation. This is needed so that the utility services can be laid on.

We will also send the completed addresses to the Emergency Services and other public sector contacts that will need to know.

To create a name or number for a new property please complete the new property application form and return this by email.