Report a breach of planning

If you are concerned that development has taken place without planning permission, report a suspected breach of planning to us. Find out more about the need for planning permission.

Most complaints about unauthorised work fall into the following categories:

  • Operational development (building)
  • Change of use
  • Advertisements
  • Untidy land
  • Protected trees.

The majority of complaints received are resolved through negotiation, without formal enforcement action. Find out more about how local planning authorities can enforce planning control.

What happens if I report a suspected breach of planning?

We will investigate and keep you informed of any action we take. It is unlikely that we will act on anonymous complaints so please provide your details so we can contact you. Details about how we will investigate a complaint is outlined in the Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

Report a suspected breach of planning.

Enforcement Notices

If formal action is taken, the developer who has carried out the work will be served an Enforcement Notice. The notice explains what they have to do to remedy the breach and the date they have to do it by.