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Open Space SPD

Guidelines for Recreation Provision in New Residential Developments

We have prepared the Open Space SPD to provide guidance for the provision, adoption and future maintenance of outdoor recreational facilities directly needed as a result of new development within the District.  It makes clear what we expect when deciding planning applications and provides guidance for Town and Parish Councils and other similar organisations considering taking on the long-term responsibility for open space and recreational facilities.

The guide is applicable to all new residential development proposing 15 units or more.  It sets out both the quantitative and qualitative amounts of recreational open space generated by new proposals using an occupancy multiplier, as well as the Council’s preferred approach for the adoption and maintenance of these areas.

The SPD expands on both national and local planning policy, in particular Development Management policy DM3.15 ‘Outdoor play facilities and recreational space’, and will be used as a consideration in the determination of planning applications.