Local Land Charges Search

When you buy property or land it is advisable to have a Local Land Charges search carried out. The council keeps a register of all local land charges that affect a property.

A search of the register is made to ensure that prospective purchasers are not caught unawares by any charge placed on the land or property which may be enforceable against owners.

Here are some examples of what a full local authority search will reveal, depending on what questions have been asked:

  • the planning history of the site
  • the planning policies which affect the site
  • building control history
  • enforcement notices
  • tree preservation orders
  • listed building status
  • conservation areas
  • grants

The search is normally organised by your solicitor or licensed conveyancer on your behalf as part of your conveyancing process.

We aim to turn around our searches in ten working days or sooner.

Our online system, Public Access Land Charges (PALC) can be used by you or your solicitor to apply for LLC1, CON29O, CON29 and personal searches. Please note that file sizes must not exceed 4mb. For further information read our simple PALC user guide.

To enable us to deal with your search request efficiently, please provide an up to date ordnance survey map extract clearly outlining the search site in red.



Fee 2020/21

CON29 - Part 1 Enquires (one parcel of land) 

£182.52 (inc VAT)

LLC1 Official Search Certificate

£28.70 (no VAT)

Total fee for whole register and Part 1

£211.22 (inc VAT)

Please See the 2020 fee schedule and con 29 fee form for current fees

Personal search

If you would like to do your own personal search, this is free of charge and is an inspection of  the local land charges register. Please use the PALC system to do this.

Free search requests under EIR

We can also offer a free basic search service under Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) giving access to the information held by the Local Authority. We aim to reply within 20 working days.

To request this information, please use the EIR CON29 request form which shows where you can access the information. Please follow the guidance provided for each question and if you are asked to e mail the department to request the information, please provide an up to date ordnance survey map extract clearly outlining the search site in red, making it clear that this information is requested under EIR or you may be charged.

Please note, legal forms or Local Authority stamped documents are not supplied.

The person carrying out the search is responsible for collating the necessary information.

National Land Information Service

Your solicitor can still do your Land Searches online using the National Land Charge Information Service (NLIS).