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Report fly-tipping or littering

Fly-tipping and littering has a negative impact on the environment and human health. It is also a criminal offence.

Both businesses and householders have a legal duty to dispose of their waste correctly. Clearing up waste and litter is a cost to the taxpayers in South Norfolk.

We work closely with the Environment Agency, particularly in cases of large scale fly-tipping incidents. 


Fly-tipping is waste that has been illegally dumped on land. It is a criminal offence which can result in a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution in the Magistrates or Crown Court.

We will investigate cases where someone has witnessed an incident, or there is evidence to suggest where the waste has come from, or who has dumped it.

We will remove waste that has been fly-tipped on public land or land we own.

Unfortunately we do not remove fly-tipping that has been dumped on private land; this is the responsibility of the land owner. We will however investigate these incidents and take enforcement action where possible.


We will investigate and clear incidents of littering on public land.

We consider anything smaller than a black sack of waste to be litter and anything larger to be fly-tipping.

Anyone who throws down, drops or otherwise deposits litter in any open place to which the public have access to, is guilty of littering. If we have sufficient evidence to indicate who has dropped the litter we will take action which may be in the form of a Fixed Penalty Notice.