Light complaints

We can investigate complaints about artificial lights on premises that are affecting the use of your home such as preventing you from sleeping.

In most cases, you should approach your neighbour directly about the matter to try to resolve the problem informally. They may not be aware that their lights are causing a problem.

There are several simple solutions which can be taken to reduce the impact of artificial lights on neighbours, including:

  1. Re-angling or tilting the light downwards
  2. Fitting a sensor so that the light is not on all the time
  3. Adjusting the sensor so that the light is only on for a short time
  4. Using a lower power bulb

If the conversation with your neighbour is not successful or the problem continues, you can make an artificial light complaint to us. Issues such as security lighting briefly triggered by animals may be irritating but will rarely, if ever, be harmful or classed as a statutory nuisance.

Report an artificial light issue.