Homelessness Strategy

The Greater Norwich Homelessness Strategy 2015-2020 sets out a new collaborative approach to tackling homelessness in Greater Norwich; bringing together local authority partners, housing agencies and health organisations.

The strategy sets out to protect those at risk of homelessness in the Great Norwich area which includes the Broadland District Council and Norwich City Council areas and as well as South Norfolk.

The strategy has four main priorities:

  • Priority one: Target our resources at those people who are most at risk of homelessness
  • Priority two: Helping people find affordable, safe, good quality housing
  • Priority three: Working better together with partners, so that we can work in a co-ordinated way to prevent homelessness
  • Priority four: Helping people develop independent living skills, maintain or regain their independence to reduce the risk of someone becoming homeless in the future.

The strategy and its action plans will be monitored across the Greater Norwich area by officers from South Norfolk Council, Norwich City Council and Broadland District Council as well as representatives from statutory and voluntary sector organisations.

If you'd like further information on our Homelessness Strategy, please contact us.