Renting out your spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom you may benefit from taking in a lodger. You could do this whether you own or rent your home (you may need permission). Having a lodger could help you to:

  • Combat loneliness or isolation
  • Gain a feeling of security having someone else in the house
  • Avoid spare bedroom reduction in Housing Benefit
  • Financial help with rent or mortgage costs, and you may not have to pay tax on the income. For more information please see the Government webpage
  • Financial help with bills
  • The lodger may be able to take on certain household tasks such as mowing the lawn or putting the bins out.

Making the ground rules or house rules clear from the outset is crucial in maintaining a happy landlord-lodger relationship and we can help you with this.

If you would like to discuss how we can help please contact Denise Lawson in our Housing Team on 01508 533716 or