Interim Polling Districts Review 2018

Review details

South Norfolk Council has reviewed  the polling arrangements, because of the Community Governance Review, which resulted in some parish boundaries being amended and to make sure that suitable and convenient polling arrangements are provided for local electors before the next elections takes place.

You can find out what is meant by ‘polling district’ and ‘polling place in the Electoral Commission guidance. The existing polling arrangements may be viewed here.


Comments, representations and proposals for change has closed. Elected representatives, political parties and parish councils have been consulted directly.

Postal address: Electoral Services Team, South Norfolk Council, South Norfolk House, Cygnet Court, Long Stratton, Norwich, NR15 2XE

Electoral Arrangements Review Committee

The proposals were considered and determined by the  Electoral Arrangements Review Committee on the 14 August 2018, full details may be found Electoral Arrangements Review Agenda. Minutes from 14 August meeting

Received from Tivetshall parish clerk...

Tivetshall Parish council considered the above review at the June PC meeting and would like to recommend that Tivetshall Village Hall continues to be used as the polling station as it is currently used by both wards (References EH1 and EJ1).  Using Tivetshall Village Hall has worked well in the past and the PC view is that there is no need for this to be changed.

Received from Cringleford parish clerk...

Good afternoon

Cringleford Parish Council considered the above review at its recent meeting and agreed that Cringleford needs to retain its two separate polling stations. The parish has many retired parishioners on both sides of the A11, who have told us that they do not feel confident crossing the A11 due to the volume and speed of traffic on the road. Therefore if you removed one of the stations you would be preventing a large part of our electorate from voting.

Thank you

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