District & Parish Elections

2 May 2019

Please see the results here

South Norfolk has been subject to reviews that have resulted in changes to boundaries and governance arrangements to both its district wards and parishes. These will all come into effect for the elections on the 2 May 2019.

All the new District and Parish boundaries can be viewed on an interactive map with guidance available here

District & Parish Elections 2 May 2019

District elections in South Norfolk take place every four years, a poll takes place if there are more valid candidate nominations than vacancies. There will be 26 wards represented by 46 District Councillors with a mix of single and multi member wards.

Parish elections are held every four years, a poll takes place if there are more valid candidate nominations than vacancies. On 2 May 2019 there will be 100 Parish and Town council elections in South Norfolk, some are joint parishes, with some larger parishes being divided into wards. There are also 13 small parishes that do not elect councillors and are called Parish Meetings.

Candidate information     

A booklet with information about the running and location of the count can be viewed here.                                                                   

For general information about becoming a councillor see here.

A spreadsheet showing the make up of District Wards by Parishes and Polling Districts along with the location of polling stations and number of councillors can be viewed here.

Electorate figures for the calculation of Expense Allowances can be viewed here.

The code of conduct for campaigners can be viewed here.

To find your local polling station please click here.

List of polling stations here

Voting in the District & Parish Elections 2 May 2019

If you are not on the register of electors, you cannot vote in elections. If you have not yet registered or have recently moved, you will need to register by Friday 12 April 2019 to vote in these District and Parish council elections.  The easiest way to register is online here -  you will need your National Insurance number and date of birth.

If you are away on polling day or you would rather vote by post, you can apply for a postal vote. Application forms are available here or from the Elections Team. Completed postal vote applications must be completed and returned to us by 5pm on Monday 15 April 2019.

The first batch of postal votes will be sent out around 10 April 2019 (for those voters already on the postal vote list).  Note that if you request a postal vote close to the deadline of 15 April your postal vote will be sent out later, so you may wish to apply for your postal vote to be sent to an alternative address or consider applying for a proxy vote here (get someone to vote on your behalf).

Completed proxy applications must be returned by 5pm on Wednesday 24 April 2019.

An easy read guide to voting can be viewed here.