For most of us, broadband is as much a utility as water and electricity. Increasingly, we can’t function without it. 

South Norfolk Council has invested £570,000 in the county-wide Better Broadband for Norfolk (BBfN) scheme that has seen over 91% of our residents and businesses with access to superfast broadband. You can see if your postcode is covered here.

Not everyone will benefit from BBfN, so we invested £162,000 in district-wide wireless broadband. This is delivered by a network of masts and church tower-mounted transmitters managed by our contractor – InTouch Systems. For details on the project and how to get wireless broadband please see InTouch System's website or contact them on 01603 425209.

Everyone in South Norfolk now has access to a download speed of at least 10 Mbps (the Universal Service Obligation – USO) - we were the first council in this region to achieve this.

We have also secured superfast broadband for new housing developments in Wymondham built without fibre-enabled cabinets.

We’ve supported 4 parish councils (in Wortwell, Wreningham, Bracon Ash and Hardwick) with a community WiFi hub grant – making their community halls more useful and marketable.

We want South Norfolk to benefit from the very highest broadband speeds – residents and businesses can do this via the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme.

Developers and communication providers working together can also provide the very best connectivity to our residents – hyperfast gigabit optical fibre to the premises. We’ve produced this guide to help you get in touch with each other and find the best match.

South Norfolk Council wants to encourage developers and communication providers to work together to provide the very best connectivity to our residents – hyperfast gigabit optical fibre to the premises. We’ve produced this guide to help you get in touch with each other and find the best match.

Communications providers often install fibre at no cost to the developer; smaller developments may require a contribution toward costs but hyperfast connectivity is a great way to sell a house quickly.

South Norfolk Council designates land for future housing and employment growth as part of our Local Plan – generally this land is close to existing built-up areas in towns and villages, or close to services and employment areas. These allocated sites form part of our Housing Land Supply. Planning applications to develop these sites are submitted to the Planning Authority where they are processed, consulted on and assessed against Planning Policies.  

Every Tuesday morning we publish a weekly list of new applications and those that have been determined (i.e., decided). These can be viewed here. If you want more detail about an application, you can input the relevant planning application number (from the weekly list) in the Advanced tab here

Here, you can also use the search facility to find planning permissions that have been granted for homes. Again, click the Advanced tab, and use the search term Development Type. There are three development types (based on national standard codes) likely to be of interest to a communications provider:

Minor Dwellings                                          1-10 dwellings

Small Scale Major Dwellings                     11-100 dwellings

Largescale Major Dwelling development   100+ dwellings

Entering a recent date band in Decision Date and clicking Search will return a list of results. You may need to adjust the date band to produce a list useful to you.

Once you have your results, clicking on them one at a time will return the Application Summary. Within this, Contacts often returns the information necessary to contact the developer. You can also look through the Documents and find contact details on the Application Form.   

If you register for an account, you’ll be able to save your search criteria – making it much quicker the next time.

If you are a developer looking for a hyperfast communications provider, a useful list for our area is here - (you will probably not be eligible for the voucher).      

BT and Virgin services are here (the service offered may not be gigabit hyperfast though)

Economic Development, SNC. March 2019