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Next steps in The Greater Norwich Local Plan to be considered at meeting on 6 January 2020

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership will be considering the next steps in the formulation of the Local Plan for the area at their meeting on the 6 January 2020.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan is being created by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council, working with Norfolk County Council, as the Greater Norwich Development Partnership.

The plan sets out a vision for growth, identifies sites for new homes, jobs and infrastructure while protecting the area’s unique environment and habitats.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan will provide the basis for planning decisions for the foreseeable future. It provides opportunities for around 44,500 new homes to meet the needs for housing in both urban and rural areas over the next 20 years. 82% of those new homes amounting to about 36,500 are being carried forward from existing plans that are already in place meaning that sites for about 8,000 new homes need to be identified in this round.

Over the past two years, the partnership has made two requests for new employment and housing sites to be put forward resulting in 800 new site submissions from landowners to meet the additional housing numbers and employment sites, which will take us to 2038.

These proposals have now been evaluated against the evidence and the National Planning Policy Framework. The results of that evaluation for the plan’s strategy and sites in the City, main towns, ‘Key Service Centres’ and the village clusters in Broadland will be published, as part of a consultation, for people to have their say.

Although the Local Plan is for Greater Norwich as a whole, it still takes into account the unique requirements of the individual partners and South Norfolk is one of the most rural of the authorities. To reflect this South Norfolk Council is carrying out further work to find suitable sites for housing in its smaller villages.

To avoid holding up the rest of the plan, South Norfolk Council will now be preparing a separate plan for these sites.

If the draft Local Plan is endorsed at the Greater Norwich Development Partnership meeting in January it will then be considered by Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk Council later that month. If all councils agree a public consultation will start on the 29 January.

The consultation will be the final opportunity to put forward sites to be considered as part of the Greater Norwich Local Plan.

Councillor Shaun Vincent, Chair of the Greater Norwich Development Partnership commented “Greater Norwich is a great place to live, work and invest. We need to make sure that future growth brings benefits for all and provides for a sustainable future. It's really important that people get involved in this consultation and have their say on the Plan and the sites proposed across Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk”.

To find out more about the plan visit the Greater Norwich Local Plan website: