Mobile Breast Screening at Long Stratton Leisure Centre

South Norfolk Council are supporting the NHS Breast Screening Programme by hosting a breast screening unit at Long Stratton Leisure Centre from 12 August- 6 September 2019.

Women between the ages of 50 and 70 who are registered with Long Stratton Health Centre will be invited to attend a screening.

Breast screening aims to find breast cancers early. It uses an X-ray test called a mammogram that can spot cancers when they are too small to see or feel.

South Norfolk Councillor Yvonne Bendle said:

“Each year the NHS Breast Screening Programme prevents around 1,300 deaths, so it’s critical women take this opportunity to get checked.”

The combination of being “breast aware” and knowing what is normal for you, reporting any changes to your GP as soon as possible and attending regular breast screening appointments is the best way of finding breast cancer at an early stage and increasing your chances of surviving it.

All registered women will be sent a timed appointment. Women who are over 70 who are no longer routinely contacted can contact the breast screening team for an appointment on 01603 287777.