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Kickstarting young people into work.

One of the most economically hardest hit groups, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, is the young. That is why both Broadland and South Norfolk Councils are taking part in Kickstart, the scheme announce by the government last year to support 16 to 24 year olds who are not in employment or education.

As part of the scheme, the Councils have created 11 job placements across the business. The roles are diverse and range from HR Data Analyst to Trainee Project Assistant.

Phil Courtier said: “As the Covid restrictions start to ease it’s really important that we do all we can to help our local economy recover. That’s not just about helping businesses, It’s also about helping the people who make those businesses work. Kickstart does both. It gives young people an opportunity to get into work and it offers businesses extra support to help them recover and start trading again.”

The two councils recognise that they can support businesses and young residents in their districts by acting as a gateway provider, coordinating the project and supporting businesses and organisations who would like to have a work placement. As a Gateway provider, the Councils have partnered with 13 businesses to create 24 opportunities for young people across the across the two districts.

Opportunities to create job placements through Broadland and South Norfolk Councils are still available. Broadland and South Norfolk Councils will help businesses set up the work placement, find a young person, and give support for the duration of the placement. They will also be providing the young person with advice on applying for jobs and give interview advice. All the business will be asked to do is provide a qualitive work placement and day to day supervision.

Businesses that take part can claim 100% of the young person’s pay back, plus national insurance contributions. The scheme offers the chance to work with business and organisations in Broadland and South Norfolk to support young people and Kickstart them into work.

If you are a business and want to be involved, please ring 01508 533933 or email

If you are a young person wishing to be considered for a work placement, you will need to register with the job centre or email Tracy Harrison at