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Housing consultation opens

Broadland and South Norfolk Councils have been working with a joint staff team since January 2020. This is part of a collaborative approach that means that the two councils can continue to improve and deliver the services that residents and businesses value the most.

As part of this collaborative work the two councils are putting in place plans to change the way residents access the housing service and how social housing is allocated to households on the housing list and Broadland and South Norfolk Councils would like to hear your views on the proposals.

Social Housing is a scarce resource and may not be the only solution to housing problems. With the Covid-19 outbreak, we know more households than ever are going to be worried about housing or will be in housing need in the future.

The councils are asking people to think sooner about their housing and what is needed for those requirements to be met. They also want to make sure that they offer a service that:

• People can access easily
• Provides good and timely advice on the different housing options available and helps people to find their own solutions
• Provides clarity and choice on housing options
• Means we work with partners and other organisations to make sure we can prevent homelessness and supports those in need, and
• Makes sure those solutions work in the long-term

A new Allocations Scheme has been drafted that sets out how the above can be achieved by the two Councils. An allocations scheme is a document that is required to be published by law and sets out how the councils makes decisions on a number of issues, such as who can apply for social housing, who may not be eligible, how we give priority and how many bedrooms a household is eligible for.

It also details how people can apply for social housing, who provides social housing and how it is allocated.

The views of residents, customers of the service and organisations that work with Broadland and South Norfolk Councils are invaluable in determining if these proposals are the right direction to take.

The consultation is open from 9am on 9 October until 23:59pm on Friday 23 October 2020 at and