Council Tax discounts and exemptions


    You may be entitled to a discount on your Council Tax if you:

    • Live alone or you are the only person aged 18 or over (single person discount)
    • Have a property that is furnished that is not your main home
    • Have a property that is undergoing major works or repairs for a period of time
    • Have a property that is empty for a short period of time (for example, between tenants). This is currently for a maximum of 3 months until 31/03/2017. From 1/4/2017 this will be changing to a maximum of 1 month. This means that if you have a property that has been empty for more than 1 month on 1/4/2017 you will not qualify for any further discount from this date. 
      Please follow this link if you would like further information about the change for this discount.
    • Live with people who aren't counted for Council Tax or who qualify for a discount, such as:
      • Full time students and non-British spouses of students, student nurses, foreign language assistants, apprentice and Youth Training trainees
      • Patients residing in hospital
      • People who are being looked after in care homes
      • People with a permanent severe mental impairment
      • People who are staying in certain hostels or night shelters
      • 18 and 19 year olds who are at school, or have just left
      • Certain types of care workers (usually working for charities)
      • People caring for someone with a disability who are not a spouse, partner or child under the age of 18
      • Members of religious communities (monks and nuns)
      • People in prison (if not in prison for non payment of Council Tax/fine)
      • People who benefit from diplomatic privileges or immunities
      • Members and dependents of International Headquarters and defence organisations
      • Members of visiting forces and their dependents.

    Apply for a Council Tax discount.


    An exemption means there is no Council Tax to pay.

    If your property is unoccupied it may be exempt indefinitely or just for a short period of time.

    Unoccupied property exemptions 

    • Empty and owned by a charity (exemption up to six months only)
    • Left empty by a person in detention, such as in prison
    • Left empty by a patient now residing in a hospital, hostel, nursing or care home
    • Left empty by people receiving care or providing care
    • Left empty following the death of the owner or tenant
    • A dwelling where occupation is prohibited by law, a planning condition or an Act of Parliament
    • Empty, awaiting occupation by a minister or religion from which to perform his/her duties
    • Left empty by a student who is the sole owner of the property and when occupied it was that person’s main residence
    • Unoccupied and repossessed by the mortgage lender and the person responsible is a trustee in bankruptcy
    • A pitch or mooring not occupied by a caravan or boat.

    Some occupied properties are also exempt, it depends who lives there.

    Occupied property exemptions 

    • Student halls of residence
    • Occupied only by students
    • Occupied by the Ministry of Defence for armed forces accommodation
    • Occupied by at least one resident who is a member of visiting force and solely or jointly liable to pay Council Tax
    • Occupied by persons who are under the age of 18
    • Occupied by persons who are severely mentally impaired
    • Annexe or similar self-contained property occupied by dependent relatives of the  resident(s) living in the main dwelling
    • Dwellings which are the main residence of a person with diplomatic privilege or immunity.

    Apply for a Council Tax exemption.