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Coronavirus funding for local authorities welcomed.

South Norfolk Council has welcomed the news from central government of the £500 million fund to help people who are suffering financially as a result of the Coronovirus outbreak.

Yvonne Bendle, Cabinet member for Health, Housing and Well-being said: “District councils are best placed to help as we are closest to our communities and understand the needs of our most vulnerable residents.

“The services offered by the Council’s Help Hub have grown over the last three years and we are now helping thousands of residents, every year, to access the help they need at the time they need it. This means that we have the contacts and the expertise to help those being affected by Coronavirus.”

Unfortunately, people often have difficulty with their finances, particularly if they are on benefits and it is important that they can access welfare and debt advice alongside the other help available in the Hub and that is what we, as the local authority, can do for them.

Councillor Bendle added: “Over the last three years the Help Hub has had great success combining the efforts of both public and voluntary sector agencies and its collaborative working reduces delay and duplication and focuses work on local issues and local people.

“It’s important, especially at this time, that people can access the help and services they require as early as possible to prevent problems from escalating and becoming more difficult to deal with. The Help Hub can ensure that customers have access to the most appropriate support and where possible have the information they need to address their issues.”

Partners in the Hub can help families access a wide range of support following just one contact and people are coming to us for help. In the last twelve months alone the Help Hub has had more than 4,000 contacts with residents
South Norfolk's Help Hub is a multi-agency partnership made up of a range of many different providers from across the statutory and voluntary sectors.

The Hub links specialist workers from a range of 27 agencies offering a ‘no wrong door’ service that prevents the need for 'referral on' from one office or even one building to another. The Hub approach makes it much easier for vulnerable people to access the range of services and help they need at the time they need it without having to re-tell their story to multiple agencies.