Award categories

South Norfolk Business Awards 2019

Excellence in Digital Creative and ICT
Sponsored by InTouch Systems

South Norfolk is home to a growing number of digital creative companies. This award aims to celebrate a great local business that breaks new ground. Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Innovative technology at the heart of its operation
  • Applying technology to solving business issues
  • Improving day to day operations for both itself and its clients with a digital approach
  • Using technology to innovate and to become more efficient and productive
  • Using a digital solution for engagement and interactivity with its customers. 

Excellence in Life Sciences
Sponsored by Norwich Research Park

This award celebrates a UK registered emerging biotech company. Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Proof of significant clinical trial activity
  • Making an impact on the industry
  • Evidence of a strong team in place
  • Proof of developing partnerships and collaborations
  • Clear evidence of a robust business plan to support continued growth. 

Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing
Sponsored by Mirus Aircraft Seating

With a host of local businesses in this key sector, this award celebrates businesses who lead the way in manufacturing and/or engineering. Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following: 

  • Excellent working practices
  • Improved financial performance
  • Improved efficiency or productivity, quality of manufacturing/engineering
  • Engagement with and development of staff
  • Use of the latest research including collaborations with universities or higher education institutes. 

Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Drink
Sponsored by New Anglia LEP

This key growth sector is brimming with innovative thinkers. This award recognises that special business that can demonstrate success through the use of innovation. Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Ground breaking ideas that have helped put this business on the map
  • A new approach to food or drink production
  • A business that has pioneered a unique process
  • A new approach to marketing a product or service. 

Visitor Economy Experience
Sponsored by Dunston Hall Hotel

Visitors to the area quite rightly have high expectations and are vital to the local economy. This award celebrates a customer focused business that has developed a really positive experience for visitors.

Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Actively promoted the local area and helped develop South Norfolk’s reputation as a premier tourist and visitor destination
  • Evidence of positive feedback from satisfied customers/visitors
  • Enhanced the visitor experience by investing in their business
  • A significant increase in the number of visitors to the business
  • Engagement with and training of staff to improve customer experience. 

New Business
Sponsored by CNC Building Control

It is hard work to start a new business. This award is open to start-up and new businesses in the South Norfolk area that have been trading for no more than 18 months on 1 November 2018.

Judges will look to recognise a new local business that has turned an idea into a viable, sustainable business by demonstrating elements of the following:

  • Measurable success in their competitive sector
  • Consistent growth. This might include turnover, profit, customer base, employees and premises/equipment/machinery. 

Business Growth
Sponsored by Big Sky Developments

Growing businesses are the future for the economy and jobs in South Norfolk. This award is open to all businesses who can demonstrate strong, sustainable growth and have a clear plan on how this will be maintained for the future.

Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Strong financial performance - turnover, sales and profit
  • Measurable increase in customer base and market share
  • Growth in employee numbers and investment in staff such as training and apprenticeships 
  • Growth in premises or increased investment in plant and machinery
  • Long term sustainability of growth
  • Product development. 

International Business Growth
Sponsored by Hethel Innovation

Exporting enlarges a company's market and opens up a wealth of growth opportunities. This award is open to all businesses that have achieved export growth, international expansion or an increase in revenue from overseas operations over the last year.

Judges are looking to recognise a business that can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • A measurable increase in international growth including research into market and demand
  • Measurable export growth or increase in revenues from overseas operations and contribution to the business as a whole
  • An increase in market share
  • Potential and plans for sustained growth
  • Ongoing commitment to international business. 

Business in the Community
Sponsored by Britannia Safety & Training

Some businesses are just real team players. They make a difference to so many people’s lives.

This award will celebrate a business that can demonstrate engagement with or contribution to the wider South Norfolk community.

Judges will look for businesses who can evidence how their community initiative(s) have:

  • Have had a measurable impact on the local community
  • Brought long-term sustainable benefits to South Norfolk
  • Engagement with and developing staff. 

Retailer of the Year - open for public nomination 
Sponsored by Fosters Solicitors LLP

Have you got a favourite retailer? Have you recently received fantastic customer service either online or in store? Why not nominate them for this award.

All South Norfolk retail businesses may be nominated and the winner will be selected by the judges.

Judges will look to celebrate a top retailer who can demonstrate elements of the following:

  • Innovation in traditional retailing
  • Creating a unique retailer experience
  • Using technology to improve service
  • Keeping in touch with customers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Engagement with and development of staff.  

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