We are currently asking people to only come into our offices for essential visits. Where possible, people should contact us by phone or email or through our website. If you are a resident and need help or support relating to COVID-19, please call our Help Hub on 01508 533933.
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Answering the call for help

Within 24 hours of being asked to support colleagues who are working in hospitals, nearly 100 staff from the team that works for Broadland and South Norfolk councils put their names forward.

Managing Director, Trevor Holden said: “Throughout the pandemic our front line staff have supported communities with the delivery of food parcels, crises support and financial support for businesses. Now they are also offering their free time to continue the fight against Covid-19 and help protect our most vulnerable residents. This has been an amazing and very humbling response.

“This is also a really fantastic example of a whole team effort across all the public sector services, working with our local mutual aid groups and hundreds of volunteers. Working together we will beat this virus.”

One of the first people to volunteer was Nicola Tullock: “When I heard the call to arms I was pleased to have the opportunity to do my bit. Yes, I’m worried about my family as I am sure are all those people working in shops, teaching our key kids and the heroes in the NHS, but these jobs need doing. Just imagine the nightmare we would be living in if we didn’t have people willing to do their bit. From experience I know that helping someone in need puts your own problems into perspective and the feeling of being able to do something to help, is hard to beat.”

Offers to help have come from staff working across the councils’ services, including staff from the leisure centres that have closed as part of the lockdown measures.

Leisure staff had already been redeployed to help other teams that have come under increased pressure due to the pandemic. Some answering calls for support in the Councils’ Help Hub and others joining the crews that continue to empty residents’ bins.

Trevor Holden added: “Our staff are ready and willing to do whatever is required and use their skill to help our colleagues. At this time of crisis, we must all do what we can and that means following the rules to protect our friends, families and the NHS.”

If you are a resident of Broadland or South Norfolk and need help relating to a Covid-19 issue please contact the Help Hub by calling 01508 533933