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National Apprenticeship Week

We are pleased to be able to support apprenticeship recruitment throughout the pandemic and continue investing in growing our own talent and supporting people in the local area to secure an apprenticeship.

There are many benefits for an employer to recruit an apprenticeship as well as the many benefits for the apprentice.  Check out Erika and Oliver's apprenticeship stories below.

If somebody had told me a year ago what I would be doing today, I think I may have laughed at them. I am lucky enough to have secured the apprenticeship at South Norfolk and Broadland District Councils working as Executive Assistant Apprentice. I knew that I wanted to learn more about Local Government: what it does, how it serves the public and what opportunities there would be for me to forge a career in this area. I was encouraged following my A Level results to pursue a degree; however, I knew that university was not for me.

The opportunity to support the senior management team across all directorates has not only given me a huge insight into what the Councils do, but also has allowed me to work on a wide range of activities and projects, from our internal staff ‘One Awards’, Corporate Management Leadership Team, elections meetings, COVID-19 Heroes Awards, reorganising paperless filing system, giving me a real insight into the different teams, ranging from democratic, planning, care and repair, transformation and innovation, and many more.

The challenges that COVID-19 has presented to any organisation have been significant, and as an apprentice this was also a challenge to me. However, these challenges presented different ways of working, different opportunities and the ability for me to really develop and utilise my knowledge and skills that I have learned ‘on the go’. It has been a busy time for Councils, as each of us, working in a Council, has done our best to support our communities – either in a hands-on, or supportive way. I am very proud that I have been able to contribute to this.

A year in, and I am beginning to think what my next steps are. This apprenticeship has been a fantastic opportunity for me and I have learned so much – I am genuinely looking forward to a career within local government.

Hi, my name is Oliver Scott. I’m profoundly Deaf and I’ve been an apprentice for South Norfolk Council and Broadland District Council for around 9 months now. 

I started working at the Council in March 2020. When I first started, I attended the office daily which helped me to settle in and meet the team. The support from the team has been great, they really took the time to make sure I understood everything, plenty of training was given and they made sure they were available to help when I needed it. They’ve even tried to learn some sign language and took part in deaf awareness training! I was in the office for three weeks until lockdown happened.

During lockdown it has been challenging. The particular challenge is working from home unsupervised. Sometimes when I’m assigned to a task, I’m not quite sure how to do it. In the office, I can reach out to any of my colleagues easily. So, this sort of situation has forced me to solve the problem without being too dependent on my colleagues. I’ve picked up this sort of skill and I’ve become accustomed to it even though my colleagues are always on hand to help me out via emails or ZOOM video call. Throughout this course, I felt I have acquired a lot of skills as a marketer. My line manager is always on hand to make sure I have various of tasks to do. I also have classroom sessions as part of my apprenticeship. This has helped me to learn, both via classroom lessons and being practical. I feel I have progressed a lot compared to when I first started working here. All the skills i have acquired by working from home during the lockdown will be useful for my career in the future.