Paying suppliers

Payments to our suppliers are made by BACS.

Under section 113 (7) of The Public Contract Regulations 2015 there is a requirement for contracting authorities to publish the percentage of invoices paid in accordance with this section for the preceding financial year together with the total amount of interest actually paid and the value of interest that we were potentially liable to pay to suppliers.

Financial Year

Invoices Paid within 30 days

Interest Paid to Suppliers

Interest Liable to Pay to Suppliers

2018/19 96.82%



2017/18 96.53%




£0.00 n/a

Throughout the Financial Year 2018/19 the average length of time taken to pay an undisputed invoice was 16 days.

In order to comply with the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 we publish our spending data. Please note we have opted to identify grants awarded to voluntary, community or social enterprise organisations within the “Expenditure over £250 reports”. Any relevant payments will be under the department of Member’s Ward Budget.

Please note that some information has been redacted from the supplier information:

  • individual supplier’s names have been redacted in accordance with Section 40 (personal data) of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). These are clearly marked on the spread sheet as “redacted personal data”
  • names of temporary accommodation providers have been redacted in accordance with Section 38 (health & safety) of the FOIA. These redactions are marked on the spread sheet as “redacted sensitive information”