Broadland and South Norfolk

Our Collaboration

In July 2018, both South Norfolk and Broadland Councils agreed to move forward with a collaborative partnership and in October 2018 appointed Trevor Holden as our Managing Director.

The two Councils have a strong history of working together and we have already achieved significant economic growth and enhanced quality of life for our communities through our partnership working.

The constantly changing climate that we operate in has provided us with the opportunity to align our services, working collaboratively to define our own futures, and most importantly, continue to deliver those services that our residents and businesses value the most.

A Feasibility Study outlined the potential opportunities that could be delivered through us working together and it showed indicative cost savings of nearly £8.6m over the first 5 years.

Although this saving will help to ensure our financial stability going forward, the main focus of our collaboration is to drive economic and housing growth and improve the services we deliver to our combined 260,000 residents and 10,000 businesses.

On 2 January, our two teams became a single paid service and we continue to move towards becoming one officer team, serving two autonomous Councils.

The benefits of collaborative working for our people and place:

  • A stronger voice for both councils, regionally and nationally
  • Increased growth and delivery at pace of infrastructure to ensure benefits to residents, communities and businesses
  • Greater financial stability for the two authorities, helping to balance the councils’ budgets and closing the growing funding gap
  • Opportunities to provide services and initiatives jointly, that we would not otherwise be able to provide
  • Increased ability to take advantage of commercial opportunities to deliver better value for our residents
  • Increased investment and access to new funding opportunities to benefit residents and businesses in the area
  • A joint and complementary offer for support to businesses and key business sectors across both districts
  • Greater choice for our residents in terms of housing supply in order to best meet their housing needs
  • Ability to retain and attract the most talented staff

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